1. Scope of the Business

The scope of the Champlain Specialty Metals business includes the sales and manufacturing of specialty heat treated steel products for applications including butcher band saw blades, pallet band saw blades, and retract springs. The facility is compliant to ISO 9001 quality system. Champlain Specialty Metals maintains numerous functions in support of manufacturing, including Sales, Planning, Purchasing, Quality, Maintenance, Business Planning, and Training, but also receives support from Champlain Cable (Corporate Owner), including infrastructure. Design: Champlain Specialty Metals does not hold design responsibility, as it manufactures directly to customer specifications.

2. Quality Policy

Quality excellence is based on the commitment and proactive participation by ALL employees.

• Customer Service – We are committed to exceeding customer expectations by continuously meeting their requirements, understanding their needs and valuing their feedback.

• Quality Products – We are committed to producing products with a “Right From Me” mindset; focusing on preventative action to achieve Zero Defects.

• Employee Involvement- Ensuring that all employees understand how they can contribute to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through the established quality targets and management commitment.

• Continuous Improvement – As process owners, employees at every level are proactively participating in improvement of their work processes.