High carbon, hardened and tempered strip steel

We are Champlain Specialty Metals

Champlain Specialty Metals (CSM) is a global producer and supplier of high carbon, hardened and tempered strip steel. We also provide edge skiving and shaving, narrow width slitting, along with flat roll, coil and light gauge steel solutions.

Located in Benton Harbor, Michigan, we are strategically located in the Midwest, facilitating shipping across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Our products are made for use in power springs, food bands, pallet bands, wood cutting band saws, and more.

In 2017 CSM joined Champlain Cable, an AIAC company. Using cutting-edge ERP software, CSM can design, and deliver quality products on time, with QA certifications, and bar codes. We also accept inbound and outbound EDI transactions.

All CSM employees maintain a high level of commitment to Safety, Customer Service, Quality, Delivery Precision, and Continuous Improvement.

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